No Smoking plus Organique Acai Help You on Your Wellness Journey

For better or for worse, it isn’t uncommon to see people smoking. For many people, this has already become a habit for them, especially when they’re stressed, when they’re together with their friends, or even when they want to lose weight. But if we want to keep our body strong and fit throughout our lives, we must be mindful of what we do with it—from the food we eat to even the substances we take, such as cigarettes and alcohol. We can be happy and healthy even without hurting our health!

Smoking, although it has many negative effects, can beaddictive. Dr. Dexter Macalintal, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, explains that this is because of the chemical nicotine. This is found in the tobacco plant, which is rolled into a cigarette or placed into vape liquid. When we smoke, our bodies absorb nicotine, which tells our brain to release dopamine, the happy hormone. This then makes the user feel happy and relaxed. Over time, especially when stressed or angry, our brain tells us to repeat the action that makes you feel better—in this case, smoking. When this isn’t controlled, smoking can develop into a habit and a compulsory act, and the user becomes addicted.

People who have become addicted to smoking will often report consistent cold and cough. This is because of the allergy symptoms that have developed from the smoke. More well-known, as well, are the multiple cancers that you can be at risk of, like lung cancer, throat cancer, and even esophagus cancer. According to the Department of Health, 87,600 Filipinos die a year from tobacco-related diseases. Even people who inhalecigarette smoke from other smokers, who are known as secondhand or even thirdhand smokers, can be at risk for these illnesses all because of nicotine.

Dr. Macalintal says that the different chemicals contained incigarette smoke produce free radicals, molecules created by thebody in some cell processes and even by the immune system.However, when these are not neutralized, particularly byantioxidants, free radicals can damage your body’s cells and evencontribute to illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, andhypertension.

Quitting smoking is important in your wellness journey. It cuts down the risk of cardiovascular diseases to 50% of that of a non-smoker within 1 year, and lung diseases to 50% as well whenone quits after 10 years. There also isn’t any safe number of cigarette sticks that one can take without getting sick; it really is best to avoid smoking altogether. You’re also able to keep yourfamily and community safe by keeping them away from cigarette smoke. To stop smoking, you can talk with your doctor to help you establish a “quit date” where you must completely stop smoking or at least have reduced the number of cigarettes you smoke. You can also consider medicine or nicotine therapy from your doctor to help break the habit.

To be healthy, it’s also important to have nutritious foods andfood supplements such as Organique Acai Premium Blend, which can help counteract the negative effects of cigarettesmoke and strengthen your immune system through its high antioxidant and vitamin content! A healthy lifestyle gives us astronger body and mind, making us feel better and happier too!

To know more about Organique Açaí Premium Blend, or call hotline, 0969- 1754233. Available inall Watsons, S&R outlets and other major drugstores and supermarkets near you.

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