Healthy Skin for All Seasons!

The change of seasons in the Philippines is both a spectacular sight and experience. There’s an explosion of bright colors during summer while it slowly fades into gray and blue during the rainy season. Our country’s skies will always burst into festive colors all year round,and we Filipinas must always keep up and be ready for whatever surprises the season will give– especially in taking care of our skin. Skin health should be a part of our routine no matter the season. Sometimes, the changing seasons call for some adjustments in our skincare routine. That’s why it’s essential to choose a skin care product for every season, one that contains natural ingredients and  can cater to all skin types — Mestiza. Changing seasons can also change  our skin — it can lose moisture, be oily, dry, or a combination of both. To combat these changes and make our skin glow,we need to use the magic of Mestiza. . This healthy soap uses the natural benefits of tropical produce such as carrots, calamansi, banana, papaya, and extra premium virgin coconut oil to improve the health of our skin, making it moisturized, glowing and healthy. Mestiza variants cater to all skin types: Mestiza Original for sensitive skin, Green Serenity for oily skin, Scarlet Rose for normal to oily skin, Bountiful Violet for normal to dry skin, and Earth Brown is for dry skin. 

When our skin feels good, we feel good too.Knowing that we have  healthy glowing skin gives us the confidence to face the world everyday , wear whatever we want during summer, smilefor a selfie on a rainy day, and accept the beautiful compliments of how healthy our skin looks in every season! 

For inquiries and orders, visit or call hotline 0917-3156192 / 0922-8887884. Available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.


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