Control Psoriasis with Strong Immunity!

According to Wellness Wednesdays, guest speaker, and dermatologist Doctor Sarah Balba-Cabodil — “Psoriasis is a chronic skin infection that develops through a complex relationship between genetics and the environment”. The episode was again potent in terms of health information about the skin disorder paving the way to make the viewers truly well informed. We learned that psoriasis is also connected to our immune and inflammatory responses—causing parts of our system to be hyperactive and anything that triggers the immune system can cause psoriasis to flare up even — stress. 

When we are stressed, our body releases an outpour of pro-inflammatory proteins and psoriasis is extremely reactive to stress which results in the immune system’s hyperactivity, heightened inflammation, and an increase of visually obvious psoriasis symptoms. If you have psoriatic disease, you are already more prone to anxiety and depression, so this cycle isn’t just something you are imagining. This cycle affects your everyday life and your relationship with the world. That’s why you need to attack both stress and psoriasis because each makes the other worse—you must break the cycle at both ends.

Those who are suffering from this disorder must make health a top priority. It’s so important to take advantage of the many treatment options and approaches we have nowadays for psoriasis so we can stop the itchy cycle of inflammation and stress! If you want to try a more natural approach in the treatment of your disease, one very good fruit that I can recommend is the superfood from Brazil — Organique Acai. Since the main cause of psoriasis is the immune system, Organique Acai can help solve psoriasis problems by boosting the immune system. When this happens, the body will be able to improve the functioning of its immune system, and some of the psoriatic symptoms will slowly fade away. This is possible because of the high level of antioxidants contained in a single shot of Organique Acai Berry Premium Blend or a capsule of its freeze-dried form. 

Make your immunity strong with Organique Acai! It is considered to be a super fruit because of all the benefits that it has for cardiac stability, weight loss, increase in stamina, and body detoxification. 

If you have questions and you need help about the chronic skin infection you may contact – Psoriasis Philippines (PsorPhil) is the only Filipino group recognized by the International Federation of Psoriasis Association and the International Psoriasis Network l +932 8926928

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