Dermclinic introduces ‘The Good Derma’ Advocacy

Arnold Pineda. Dra Angela Pineda

Embracing its Golden anniversary, Dermclinic wanted to share the beauty of everything that it has witnessed and experienced over the past 50 years. Aside from providing Filipinos with good and genuine hair and skin services, Dermclinic aims to extend its gratitude by supporting several charities aiding local communities in rural and coastal areas.

Last year in November 2022, Dermclinic finally introduced The Good Derma Advocacy to the public. According to the Executive Vice President of Dermclinic Dra. Angela Pineda, The Good Derma covers a broad aspect when it comes to customer relationships and corporate social responsibilities. It will serve as Dermclinic’s mobile arm, providing free skin and hair consultations for the whole year of 2023. This campaign will also serve as a new avenue for Dermclinic to be more accessible and to be able to reach more people who can not visit their mall branches.

It has also started partnering with organizations such as the Yellow Boat Foundation, helping families and students in the coastal area of Zambales. The Good Derma is also supporting Hope for the Nations and International Care Ministries, promoting better lives and education for the ultra-poor.

“We have strengths as a business, (Dermclinic) but we also saw that we have limitations that our partners are strong with. We are planning to support medical missions, we are planning to support how they can help the community. We really wanted to support children and their education, because we believe that education is part of everything. That’s something that we advocate for.” Dra. Pineda said.

She added, “Where it’s not reachable, we want to be there. That is why we are partnering with businesses and organizations that promote the same theme. Because when you merge with them, you become stronger with the advocacies that you go for.”

The Good Derma has begun its first initiative for the year, where everyone is invited to share their story about health and wellness, and 50 deserving patients will be chosen to receive 50,000 worth of Dermclinic products and services. 

“My brother (Arnold Pineda) and I wanted to mark our 51st year by us giving back, because we’ve received a lot of support and blessing, even back then from my dad’s clients. Now it’s the time to celebrate goodness. We want to multiply the goodness through our patients, first and foremost, and to be more present through The Good Derma. We want to reach people where they’re at.” Dra. Pineda concluded.


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