Dermclinic Doctors: Giving their best “shot”

Various skin and hair problems are commonly experienced. Each condition requires thorough evaluation and diagnosis to ensure better treatment. While there are several factors affecting skin and hair disorders, Dermclinic  has only one solution to offer: Highly skilled and well-trained dermatologists backed by scientific knowledge and medical expertise  to diagnose and  treat wide range of skin and hair concerns while putting the client’s fear of discomfort and prolonged symptoms at bay.

Headed by Dr. Angela Vina Pineda, President of Dermclinic , the company maintains years of healthy and professional relationship with its in-house doctors who regularly enhance their skills and expertise in the field of dermatology. Trained and mentored by thefounder of Dermclinic known to many as the “Father of Philippine Dermatology”, Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, these doctors are now in the forefront when it comes to specialized approach in skin and hair care. 

Taking time off from their busy schedules, the team of medical doctors from Dermclinic posed for a rare group photo and momentarily embraced the given time to be all together while exchanging pleasantries in between .


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