Organique Acai Premium Blend The Fruit With The Highest ORAC Value

I found another healthy drink in the name of Organique Acai Premium Blend, Check out the  details below. 

“We all know that once diagnosed with prostate cancer or kidney failure, patients almost always feel dread, as if a death sentence has been given them… and it’s only a matter of time. But I’m a doctor who is not only here to diagnose a disease, but also to give hope — not falsely or exaggerated — that for as long as one is willing, then half of the battle is won,” begins Dr. Joseph Lee, a respected urologistand surgeon.

For the doctor who is into Western medicine, giving up is not an option. “That’s why I include in my patient’s treatment, among other treatment modalities like diet, exercise, and medicine, a megadose of the ‘super fruit and super food’ Organique Acai Premium Blend.”

“I cannot ignore and overlook the effect that this Brazilian berry has on my patients. Even as I prescribe the appropriate pharmacological medications and treatment modalities, their swift recovery from various ailments is something that’s almost remarkable. There is no side effect, except a much improved sense of well-being on the patient,” Lee said.

Testimonies abound from those who came from faraway provinces or abroad and were previously diagnosed by other specialists as terminal cases. Lee’s integrative approach to patient care is commendable. No longer hobbling or wheelchair-bound, his patients can walk upright and have better appetite. The outlook also changed.

Clinical studies back up the claims and raves of Dr. Perricone about acai, which has been featured in many US TV shows like Oprah’s, citing the fruit’s components ranging from yielding a potent antioxidant effect that effectively counters inflammation and free radical damage to the entire body.

Toronto-based registered dietitian and nutrition expert with Canadian Living magazine Cara Rosenbloom has this to say about her study on acai: “Many scientific studies have looked at the antioxidant content of acai, and have found them to be a ‘good source of antioxidants.’” 

Organique Acai Premium Blend is also available in all Mercury Drug Store South Star Drug And St. Joseph Drug Stores.



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