Michael Martinez

Gold Medalist MICHAEL MARTINEZ is Back

Michael Martinez returns to the Philippines after winning the gold medal at the international TriglavTrophy in Slovenia for the second time in a row.

Arriving with his ever-approachable quality,  the skater has grown into a presence of a more proficient athlete hungry to win the gold for his country.What has Martinez been up to since his departure from the Philippines?

TRAINING REGIMEN. Resting only on Sundays, Michael has dedicated his time to honing his skills by practicing  six  times  a  week.  Even  in  the  Philippines,  Michael  never  shies  away  from  practice, spending at least eight hours of training on ice:  Michael practices technical elements of his jumps, glides, and spins six hours a day, with a minimum of four program run-throughs; he inserts an hour each  day  for  off-ice  strength training,  and another  hour  for  choreography  and  dance.  Receiving world-class training, Martinez utilizes different coaches to develop varied abilities: he works with Russian  coach  Llia  Kulik  and  British  teacher  John  Nicks  for  his  jumps,  American  Scott Wedland develops his spins, Italian Lia Trovati works on his on-ice dance, while Peter Kongkasem from Americaapcts as his travel and freestyle coach.

Making keen observations on his competitors and taking into note each tactical movement, Michael humbly admits that he has a quite a journey ahead of him on the road to excellence. “As a growing athlete, I recognize that I still need to work on my artistry, choreography, technical skills, and overall presentation,” says Martinez. “I am excited to. develop into the figure skater that our country may be further proud of and am thrilled that I will berepresenting the Philippines internationally.”  

With figure skating.  becoming a more acknowledged sport as part of the 2017 SEA Games, Michael was questioned on whether or not he would join the national competition as a precursor to the SEA Games. “Aside from the international tournaments. lined up next year, I will also be competing in the 2016 National Championships. If I make it through,it would be an honor to represent the Philippines in the 2017 SEA Games, in hopes to win the gold medal for our country.”

With the aim to create star athletes like Michael Martinez for emerging and resurfacing leisurely sports, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc (SMLEI) develops its sports programs, encouraging the progression and rise of athletes in figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, bowling,and other sports.

“We have a four-stage development program on sharpening the athletes’ and thesport’s foundation, participation, performance, and excellence” SMLEI’s Sports Development Head CJSuarez says, “with foundational courses such as our ‘Learn to Skate’ and ‘Learn to Strike,’ we honethe talents of each athlete, and put it to test in competitions that we will have this year such as the Philippine National Skating Championships, the SM Bowling Millionaire’s Cup, the Asian Short TrackSpeed Skating Trophy, and the first ever Philippine Ice Hockey Tournament.  We will continue to grow and improve our programs for the youth, to widen the range of sports in the Philippines and create future champions.”

Be the next Michael Martinez, and develop your sport on ice and at the lanes. For more information on the tournaments and courses, log on to http://www.smskatingrink.com or http://www.smbowling..com. 



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