OLX Promotes the classifieds lifestyles

OLX Philippines, the country’s leading buy and sell platform, announced  it is now focusing on leveling the online classifieds ads landscape  to provide users with equal buying selling opportunities.

Earlier  this year,  it also merged with another classified  ads  platform. Through these adjustment, OLX continues to expand its reach and make online buying and selling accessible to more people. 

OLX  has implemented several product changes to make  the experience  more  pleasant for their users. 

To keep the online buy and sell community vibrant,  each ad comes with an improved report button that users can simple click in case they find suspicious ads. This is then directly sent to the OLX  support team for investigation.

OLX has also removed its feedback system and reduced the number of free ad slots.”implementing a limit to the number of free ad slots and removing the feedback system  give us more quality ads and an equal selling opportunity to all types of sellers. At this point, the focus is to spread the buyer leads to as many sellers as possible. 

Removing the feedback tool has increased the number of sellers getting buyer inquiries by 17%  from 51,000 to 60,000 and the implementation of the paid limits has also resulted to a 38% jump from 43,000 to 60,000.

Amidst the changes, OLX remains to be a FREE online classified ads platform  where all OLX sellers can still post items at no charge. Paying for additional ad slots is just an option since you can either delete items that have already been sold or remove inactive ads.

Steering towards helping their users become active advocates of the classifieds lifestyle. OLX has also introduced their newest content platform,  OLX Yaman. This is where they can get first-hand information and insightful tips about online buying and selling.  It will also be featuring user stories and lifestyle articles that cover various topics such as cars,  real estate,  travel,  fashion,  and tech. Users can already browse OLX Yaman through www,yaman.olx.ph. 




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