Land Rover Launches The New Discovery Sport

 Land Rover Philippines unveiled The New Discovery Sport. Its dynamic design combines 5+2 seating configurability in a more compact footprint than traditional five-seat SUVs.

A suite of Land Rover innovations debut, including the next generation multi-link rearaxle, advanced pedestrian airbag technology, an all-new touch screen infotainment system and state-of-the-art  high-strength  steel  and  lightweight  aluminium  bodyshell  for  outstanding performance, safety and efficiency.

Premium Design

Discovery Sport is clearly identifiable as a Land Rover but introduces a progressive new design approach to  differentiate  the  Land  Rover  brand architecture:  Luxury  (Range Rover),  Leisure(Discovery) and Dual-Purpose (Defender).

Discovery Sport  has a streamlined design complemented by class-leading usability.  All-round visibility is excellent. Simple,  clean surfaces and high-quality materials feature throughout.

Lightweight bodyshell, all-new multi-link axle

Monocoque construction combines a mix of high-strength steel, ultra-high-strength boron steel and lightweight aluminium panels.  This ensures a strong,  stiff  and light base for outstanding dynamic  performance  and  high  levels  of  torsional  rigidity.  An  all-new  multi-link  rear  axleheightens  agility,  increases  axle  articulation  and  – together  with  lightweight  aluminum suspension  components  and  carefully  calibrated  dampers  –  enables  an  unrivalled  level  of compliance no matter what the surface conditions. The new rear axle also reduces interior noise and minimizes intrusion of the rear suspension turrets into the load space.

Exceptionally efficient powertrains

At launch, a range of four-cylinder turbocharged petrol and turbodiesel engines is available. All feature stop-start technology,  high-pressure direct injection,  low-friction internal components and smart regenerative charging for outstanding performance and economy.



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