Quezon City’s First Bakery: The Artisanal & Pugon-Style Kamuning Bakery Cafe

Quezon City’s first bakery,  the  artisanal,  pugon  (wood-fired brick  oven)  baking,  traditional  Filipino style  Kamuning Bakery continuous to serve the public! It was started by the late Atty. Leticia Bonifacio Javier.

Apart from rehabilitating its old facilities, reviving many old breads, cakes and cookies,  new business and marketing ideas were added by its new owner the writer, college  teacher, self-made realty entrepreneur, food and art lover, social media enthusiast Wilson Lee Flores (@wilsonleeflores in Instragram, Twitter and also on Facebook)

The Kamuning Bakery has restored and re-opened its old café last March 20, 2015 to highlight the goodness of traditional Filipino pastries as at par (or even better) than many imported and foreign brands/breads/cafes. The pains taking physical restoration of the old café is a good example of heritage conservation by adapting an old structure for modern re-use.  The  Kamuning Bakery Café today serves all-day  breakfast  meals  of diversepasta  choices  (chicken  sisig,  Lucban  longganisa  &  tawilis  pastas),  rice  meals, sandwiches  (Kamuning clubhouse,  Kamuning  pan  de  suelo  burger,  niche  Buena dish, various pugon-baked pandesal sandwiches, etc.), pugon-baked cakes and even traditional fried chicken known as “Kamuning Chicken Basket” with good-qualityThird Wave or artisanal coffee (sourced from high-quality Arabica coffee beans in the mountain place of Atok in Benguet province and other places here or sometimes abroad  too…  prepared  with  modern  Italy-made  coffee  machine  and  specially-trained baristas  as  iced coffee,  latte,  cappuccino,  machiatto,  Americano,  brewed,etc.), excellent tea, fruit juices, chocolate tablea, and the Kamuning iced tea. Among the unique desserts include home-made gourmet ice cream in distinct flavors—basil, peanut butter with jelly, mango kiwi.  

Soon,  a pugon pizza and pugon chicken resto is also opening beside the café and the bakery, served with pugon-baked breads too.

The artisanal and pugon-style bakery still opens daily at 5 a.m., while its restored and now air-conditioned Kamuning Bakery Café  just beside it is open from 7 a.m. to 12midnight daily in the same address since 1939: No. 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1stStreet, Kamuning, Quezon City (near Caltex of Kamuning Road).  

It  has  also revived a  lot  of its  old  traditional breads,  cookies and cakes,  plus adding modern cakes of all kinds baked in its antique pugon or wood-fired brick oven, such as birthday or wedding cakes,  and many others. The No. 1 bestseller is still  the pugon-baked Pan de Suelo  (a registered trademark of Kamuning Bakery Café)  bread with delicious crispy outer layer yet dense and soft inside, each Pan de Suelo is the size of a fist. Since 1939, a lot of showbiz and political celebrities, writers, musicians, artists and people from all walks of life patronize Kamuning Bakery. 


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