Digital Campus Suite launch by PLDT, Microsoft

PLDT leading telecoms and multi-media service provider, through its business unit PLDT SME Nation, has launched together with global IT giant Microsoft Philippines a new service package called the Digital Campus Suite

That will enable students and academes access to online learning programs and to earn IT (information technology) certifications for critical IT skills that are now in-demand in today’s digitally driven industries.

PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan are confident that this partnership can significantly contribute to enriching the digital content of Philippine education. By enabling schools through these programs, both educator and student to gain new critical skills and learn IT courses with globally competitive technology programs that have become essentials in today’s digital work place. 

Through the Digital Campus Suite, schools will have high-speed connectivity with PLDT myDSL Biz or iGate, and online access to training courses of the Microsoft IT Academy Program.

Educators and students will have access to Microsoft’s digital curriculum and earn IT certifications in the Microsoft IT Academy Program for fundamental technology skills as wells as courses that enable students to become more competitive for employment.

Schools will also receive licenses to Microsoft Office 365 to help students and teachers interact and teach using Cloud tools and platforms.

The Suite also includes laptops, tablets and WiFi access points in the campus for the use of students for their over-all digital educations experience.

PLDT SME Nation has been very active in partnering with schools and learning institutions to build their technology and connectivity resources in support  of the education sector’s need to improve ICT learning among the students and academe.

PLDT FVP and Head of SME Business Kat Luna-Abelarde said this initiate fully aligns with PLDT SME Nations’s  efforts to empower the future generation with an ICT-enabled education system. ICT skills are no longer just added value to employment but are now necessities in today’s business and entrepreneurial landscape.This initiative will allow these students to become adept in basic ICT skills and IT programs to prepare them for their chosen careers.

This partnership is seen to bridge that widening skills and education gap by empowering Filipino students the tools and knowledge to be able to compete and gain advantage in today’s job market.

Microsoft Philippines General Manager Karrie Ilagan said “An educated population is what we need to build a progressive Philippine economy, but we can’t educate tomorrow’s leaders with tool from the past. The increasingly competitive workplace is being driven by technology and digital literacy, and the Digital Campus Suite gives educator and students access to tools that will build their capability to excel in that environment. We always strive to effect a positive change in the lives of our customers, and our partnership with PLDT SME Nation helps us create a bigger impact on all aspects of education.



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