Metamucil, the World’s #1 Selling Fiber Supplement

 The Philipipne Food and Nutrition Research institute, recommended that adult people should consume 20 to 25 grams of dietary fiber daily. If you find it difficult to include fiber-rich food in your daily diet, you can consider taking dietary fiber supplements like Metamucil the world’s #1 Selling Fiber Supplement made with 100% natural psyllium fiber, to help you meet your fiber goals. 

Psyllium is a great source of fiber from the husk of the seeds of the plant Plantago Ovata, providing four health benefits: helps promote digestive health, helps lower cholesterol to promote health, helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of a healthy diet, and helps you feel less hungry between meals.

Psyllium is a viscous soluble fiber, which forms a gel to trap waste, bile acid, and sugars. The gel passes through the gut, taking the waste and some cholesterol, and slowly releasing sugars to be absorbed by the body.

Metamucil comes in two flavors Orange Smooth and Wild Berry. To enjoy Metamucil, simply add 5.8 grams of Metamucil to at least 250 ml of liquid. Stir briskly and drink promptly. Drink plenty of water.

Share the good news that finally Metamucil, the World’S #1 Selling Fiber Supplement, is now available  here in the Philippines. It is now available in leading drugstores nationwide.


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