Get ready for a remarkable Fujian Food Festival

Fujian Food Festival on June 1-9, will be at Café in the Park, one of the major food outlets at Century Park Hotel (CPH), As the hotel gears up for another month filled with celebrations, CPH is focusing on another exciting activity at its world-class buffet restaurant. Formally invited by the Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen City to be a part of Philippine Fujian Week, CPH will hold the food festival to strengthen cultural ties by promoting the Fujian cuisine.

“We are very pleased to finally launch the Fujian Food Festival, a very significant activity that supports cultural awareness and celebrates gastronomy at its finest. Remarkable things are bound to happen during this celebration,” shared GM Anthony Tan.

Fujian food is one of China’s local cuisines which originated from the Fujian province. The region sits along coastal areas which explain the abundance of seafood. This is highlighted through native ways of cooking like boiling, stewing and braising. CPH aims to let its patrons discover this vibrant culture and give them nothing short of an authentic food experience.

CPH expects representatives from the Philippine Consulate in Xiamen, Fujian to join in the opening of the festival. Chefs from China are going to cook authentic Fujian dishes during the event as well, so people should expect a genuine experience.

Guests may avail tickets at P1,500 which merits a raffle entry for each. Generous prizes from CPH and other event partners will be drawn on June 9. Interested festival attendees may call(632) 528-5827 or (632) 528-5829 and email






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