New endoser of NeuBake Super Slice by Gardenia

Sebastian Benedict Granfon or most  commonly known as Baste is the new endorser of Neubake Super Slice .Ever since Baste’s aunt posted his Dubsmash videos on Youtube, everyone fell in love with this child charmer from General Santos. After his on-line debut, he made his appearance in the longest running noontime show on GMA Network, where he was called “Bae-by Baste” Now, he acts, sings and makes people laugh, and is touted as one of country’s brightest child stars.

Like Baste, Neubake is also super in many ways. First, it comes in a Super Slice it’s bigger than most white breads in the market, making it perfect for Baste’s big appetite. According to his mam Sheila, Baste loves to eat sandwiches. And with NeuBake, she can make bigger sandwiches that can easily make Baste full and satisfied with just one sandwiches.

Neubake super tipid pack is only P29 for 10 slices, perfect for practical mom like Sheila and every Mom.

It is now available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores.  Try it its a healthy bread. Big and White. You will love it.

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