Philippine Chinese Charitable Association, Inc.: A Journey Through Time

Charity Knows No Boundaries. The Philippine Chinese Charitable Association, Inc. ,(PCCAI) Chinese Charitable  owner and operator of Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center is proud to the public the photographic collection that tells the story of the historical origin and journey of the organization and the countless humanitarian and charitable activities it has conducted over the years. It also includes a video documentary of the activities and programs of the association that captures and vividly depicts the last 140 years of its existence.

This exhibit is part of the month long celebration of the 140th founding anniversary of the Philippine  Chinese Charitable Association, which was celebrated last June 28,2017 at the Manila Hotel with President Rodrigo Duterte as Guest of Honor and Speaker.

During the anniversary celebration Dr. James G. Dy and Dr. Benito Goyokpin, President and chairman of the Board respectively, together with the members of the Board of Directors of PCCAI presented 20 Scholarship grants benefitting the children of members of the armed forces who were killed in the ongoing Marawi incident, through the Office of the President.

The seminal collection of photographs and video presently on display summarizes the historical background, colorful journey, the struggle over the years, and the triumphs of the organization to achieve its objective in helping Filipino communities through the country by conducting regular medical and humanitarian missions.

140 years ago in 1877, our chinese ancestors wanted to help their fellowmen to better assimilate in their adopted country. By having a strong organization who would help them in their basic needs for health, education and a resting place for their dead, and preserve  their culture .

Thus, the Chinese Cemetery was put up in 1878, followed by the Chinese General Hospital established in 1891 and Chinese General Hospital School of Nursing in 1921. The Old Folks Home for the Aged was etablished in 1951 and Free Clinic in Soler, Binondo was piut in 1952.

These organizations did not limit its services and activities only to Filipino Chinese but adopted the creed which it holds until today in all its establishment: “Everybody is welcome regardless of race, creed or nationality.”

All these entities remains today as a living symbol of the thrusts of the PCCAI to help one person at a time, especially in times of natural and man made calamities as its primary contribution to help build this nation.

The following are some of the recent medical and dental missions conducted by the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Inc. :

  1. June 18,2017 Medical and Dental Mission with Operation Tuli and Minor Surgery in Dagat Dagatan Navotas.
  2. June  1, 2017  Relief Distribution in Iligan City.
  3. May 16,2017   Operation Tuli in San Clemente Tarlac.
  4. April 23,2017 Medical and Mission in Manila International Airport (MIAA)
  5. March 28,2017Medical and Dental Mission in Mabini Hall, Macalanang Palace.
  6. Febuary 5 ,2017medical and Dental Mission in Kitanlad Quezon City.
  7. Febuary 19,2017Medical and Dental Mission in Benavidez Binondo Manila.
  8. January 22,2017Medical and Dental Mission in San Luis Pampanga
  9. August 2016         Pililla Rizal
  10. October 2016        Medical and Dental Mission with Relief Operation in Masinloc, Zambales
  11. October 2009        Medical and Dental Mission with Relief Operation for Typhoon Ondoy Victims.

Today, PCCAI are the oldest Charitable organization in this country and  a primary partner of government institutions providing free health, and hospitalization assistance to public servants and non-government organizations through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for medical assistance with AFP, PNP, PSG, NBI, BIR, Dole, Malacanang Press Corp. Association of Philippine Volunteers Fire Brigade, Inc. NLRC, DOJ, Filipino Chinese Women’s Association, AFP, Civil Relations Service, Philippine Coast Guard, ISAFP, Philippine Navy, Manila Chinese Press Club, COMELEC, Optical MEDIA BOARD, to name a few.

Now more than ever, the focus of the organization is to widen its reach to provide medical and relief operations throughout the country. PCCAI will continue to champion the charitable cause of the organization, and this photo exhibition will help reach a wider audience to promote charity and inspire more people, lend a helping hand in their own way and hopefully make a difference for the betterment of this country.


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