Shell Bike Fair 2017

The Shell Bike Fair Manila 2017 was the biggest leg that Shell Bike Fair had. It garnered an approximately 4,000 riders who registered and participated in the affair.  

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Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils and the newly launched Shell V-Power fuels, is to delight drivers, enthusiasts, and bike club members alike. The two brands are any bikers’ reliable companion on the road: Shell Advance allows for a smoother ride by protecting the engine from wear and maintaining clean pistons, while the new and improved Shell V-Power is designed to deliver both performance and efficiency.

Manila is the country’s motorcycle capital. More and more motorists use bikes to efficiently drive around the city. Pilipinas Shell recognizes this growing community and aims to help them outride anything on the road with Shell Advance Motor Oils and deliver better performance and efficiency to their engines through Shell V-Power. Shell Advance Motor Oils and Shell V-Power come together in an event that celebrates the passion for riding – Shell Bike Fair 2017.
Shell aims to be the trusted partner of every Filipino motorist in their everyday journeys. With their bikes filled with Shell Advance motor oil, riders have the confidence to face different challenges, from rough terrains and pollution, to traffic and harsh weather conditions.
Shell Advance’s PurePlus/ Active Cleansing Technology’s formulation provides the benefits of horsepower, superior wear, high temperature protection, piston cleaning, and better fuel economy.
“For over 100 years, Pilipinas Shell’s products and services have evolved to meet the current needs of Filipino motorists. We want our customers to know that Shell is every  motorists‘ partner as they face challenges on the road. Shell has evolved into more than just a gas station; it is a pit stop that fuels both you and your motorcycles,” says Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail. Shell is a global leader in power and energy, and is working to meet the increasing energy demand and supply challenges by delivering smarter products and cleaner energy. The company’s advocacy for energy efficiency has inspired programs for motorists that promote driver education and smarter use of energy.
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