JG Summit celebrates 25 years as a listed company

JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGS) celebrated its 25th year as a listed company with a special bell ringing ceremony at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).
In his welcome remarks during the bell ringing event, PSE Chairman Jose T. Pardo said, “Since its stock market debut on this very day in 1993, the conglomerates’ footprint has seen extensive expansion through the growth of its various businesses.

For instance, Universal Robina Corporation is not only present in ASEAN markets, it has even conquered Australia and New Zealand after acquiring snack food companies in both countries in recent years. Another example is airline operator Cebu Air, which currently serves close to 40 domestic and over 20 international destinations. Another listed firm under JGS is Robinsons Land Corporation, which has close to 50 shopping malls in its portfolio and completed more than 80 residential and close to 20 office projects, among others.”

“On this date 25 years ago, JG Summit Holdings, Inc., completed its Initial Public Offering and was listed for the first time as a public company. At that important juncture in the history of our company, our Founding Chairman, Mr. John Gokongwei, my late brothers Henry and Johnson, and myself, made it our objective to access the equity capital markets to raise long term funds for the pursuit of ambitious projects that would support the economy then – in telecommunications, air transportation, cement and petrochemicals to name a few,” JGS Chairman James L. Go said in his speech.

 Shown in the photo (from left): JGS Director Robina Y. Gokongwei-Pe; JGS President and CEO Lance Y. Gokongwei; Universal Robina Corporation/ JGS VP for Corporate Advertising and Public Relations Patricia C. Go; Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Gokongwei; JGS Chairman James L. Go; JGS Founder and Chairman Emeritus John L. Gokongwei, Jr.; Gokongwei Brothers Foundation General Manager Lisa Y. Gokongwei-Cheng; JGS Independent Director Antonio L. Go; JGS Advisory Board Member Aloysius B. Colayco; PSE Chairman Jose T. Pardo; PSE President and CEO Ramon S. Monzon; PSE Director Wilson L. Sy; JGS Directors Johnson Robert G. Go, Jr. and Patrick Henry C. Go.

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