ORGANIQUE ACAI BERRY from the Amazon rainforests in Brazil offers an easy-to-remember daily routine with its convenient and handy, take anywhere  ORGANIQUE ACAI FREEZE-DRIED CAPSULES now  in  new classic package design, containing powerful anti-oxidants with the highest ORAC value (among other fruits, berries and vegetables studied),  and other  equally potent  nutrients like minerals, vitamins to help strengthen an individual’s immune system to be able to combat the daily stresses of a harsh, toxic environment and prevent onset of debilitating illnesses.Organic and natural since it’s contained in easily absorbed veggie caps, the ORGANIQUE ACAI  FREEZE-DRIED CAPSULES is made in the US, that’s why it’s 100% USDA certified organic and also HALAL Certified. ORGANIQUE ACAI FREEZZ-DRIED CAPSULES come in a box of 10 packets.

Each packet contain 10 capsules that is packed with the best nutritional defense your body needs to give you the energy, stamina, mental clarity, heart health and memory boost that daily meals cannot  fully provide. They’re convenient to bring and do not occupy much space in the bag, purse or pocket.

For those very much engaged in an active lifestyle, driven and always on the go, take ORGANIQUE ACAI FREEZE-DRIED CAPSULES  daily, wherever you are and feel energized, alert and active the whole day, ready to take on the day’s challenges, including toxic deadlines.

ORGANIQUE ACAI FREEZE-DRIED CAPSULES is available in all Mercury Drugstores nationwide. Your powerful antioxidants for natural good health and overall wellbeing is right in your pocket.

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