MOA signing RP, Bangaldesh collab for hybrid seed production

After a sixteen-year technical collaboration, SL Agritech Corporation (SLAC) and the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the SL-8H F1 seed production, which further strengthens agriculture technology development between the Philippines and Bangladesh.

The joint action of the two companies started in 2005 and was reinforced throughout the years as both parties took active parts in seed production and registration activities.  

The renewed partnership under the MOA comes in an opportune time as the world faces a possible food crisis due to the ongoing pandemic and dispute between Ukraine and Russia.

Henry Lim Bon Liong of SLAC expressed gratitude to its Bangladeshi counterparts for its full trust and confidence to the Philippine seed production company. 

“It is rewarding that our collective efforts, especially in rice production will alleviate fear caused by the looming food crisis,” he said.

SLAC is the biggest hybrid rice seed company in the Philippines and hasbeen instrumental in government programs anchored on attaining rice sufficiency.

Being one of the catalysts of agricultural advancement in the country, SLAC remained strong and steadfast in deepening its research and development activities for continuous improvement of their varieties. Dr. Bon Lion added that this partnership will help SLAC in achieving our goal of ensuring rice sufficiency not only in the Philippines but in our neighboring countries as well.  

Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar who was among the signatories of the MOA lauded both companies for their vision in food security.

He expressed his admiration to the Bangladesh government for having the political will to pursue programs and initiatives to attain food security. 

“For years, they have allotted a significant budget for the food production sector and have invested so much to ensure that their citizens will have enough food supply. We must learn lessons from Bangladesh,” Dar stressed. 

Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture Secretary MD Sayedul Islam said that the Bangladesh government is moving very fast to ensure food and nutritional security.  

He thanked the Philippine government, for its continuous cooperation, and looks forward formore agreements in other areas, particularly in pineapple and banana.

Under the MOA, SL Agritech will guarantee timely supply of good genetically pure parental lines to be used for F1 seed production on Bangladesh, while BADC will providproduction area, materials inputs and facility. It will also be responsible for labor and administrative expenses, as well as production and post harvestactivities.

The agreement was signed by Lim for SL Agritech and A F M Hayatullah, Chairman of BADC. It was witnessed by Secretaries Dar and Islam, AlvinPoncin of the International Rice Research Institute, Dr. Santiago Obien, Senior Technical Adviser of the DA Hybrid Rice Program, Dr. Weijun Xu, VP of SLAC, MD Mostafizur Rahman, Pradip Chandra Dey, MD Shahidullah Sheikh, and Ripon Kumar Mondal, all of BADC.

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